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Ven. Dennis Mastriani
Sovereign Master - 2016

2016 MEETINGS: Mar 31, Jun 30, Sep 29 and Dec 29
Meetings are at 7:30 PM in Chapter Hall,
Allentown Masonic Temple, 1524 West Linden Street,
Allentown, PA. Dress is tuxedo and jewel.

Sovereign Master Ven. Dennis Mastriani
Senior Warden Bro. John M. Ellermann
Junior Warden Bro. Mark D. Gall
Secretary/Treasurer Ven. George Skaff
Senior Deacon Bro. John J. Freeh
Junior Deacon Bro. Louis E. Starniri
Chaplain Bro. Harry J. Beers
Tyler Bro. Robert P. Johnston, II

1981 Charles S. Canning 2005 Lloyd D. Pittenger
1983 Thomas R. Lawall * 2006 Kenneth G. Rinear
1985 Russell J. Corsner * 2007 James E. Flemming
1993 John L Winkelman 2008 John H. Breining, Jr.
1995 Paul D. Fisher * 2009 Bryan L. Hill
1996 David Malcolm Howells, Sr. 2010 George Skaff
1997 Theodore W. Schick, Jr. 2011 Byrum Crudup
1999 Larry G. Newhard 2012 Walter C. Lamm
2000 William H. Haynes 2013 Thomas C. Helm
2001 Michael F. Gravely * 2014 James E. Green
2003 Thomas F. Miller 2015 David M. Howells, Jr.
2004 Aaron R. White    
* Emeritus    

For Official Information Contact:
Ven. George Skaff,PSM, KCRBE, Secretary
228 Hopewell Drive, Allentown, PA. 18104
( 610 ) 351-6461

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