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Ven. Matthew M. Hughey
Sovereign Master 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017, Stated Meeting, Three Pillars-Dousman, 6 pm Dinner
TBD July 2017 - Betty Lou Cruise, Lake Mendota or Lake Monona
Wednesday, October 11, 2017, Stated Meeting, Three Pillars-Dousman, 6 pm Dinner
Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Winter Meeting, Wisconsin Club-Milwaukee,
5:30 pm Cocktails, 6:30 pm Dinner

OFFICERS for 2016-2017
Sovereign Master Matthew M. Hughey
Senior Warden John C. Metcalf
Junior Warden Eric Western
Treasurer Eric Western
Secretary Homer D Armagost, RBE, PSM
Senior Deacon Clinton Cagle
Junior Deacon Craig J. Froelich
Chaplain Lawrence O. Presnell, RBE, PSM
Tyler O.F. Kirsten

Past Sovereign Masters
1991, 1992 Virgil M Re, RBE * 2005 James D Fleming, RBE
1993 Robert G King, RBE ** 2006 Louis A Metz III
1994 Dean T Massey, RBE 2007 James M Horsfall, RBE
1995 Carl J Wussow, RBE ** 2008 Lawrence O Presnell, RBE
1996 L Clarence Kelly, RBE * 2009 Homer Armagost, RBE
1997 Allan E Iding, RBE 2010 Arthur W Mattox **
1998 Bill Borchert Larson, RBE * 2011 Thomas J. Walton
1999 D James Childs, RBE * 2012 Michael B. Meyer
2000 Gary L Shaw, RBE 2013 Robert D. Canfield
2001 Rick E Gustafson, RBE 2014 Charles M. Olson
2002 Richard E Black, RBE * 2015 Carey E.L. McIntyre
2003 Winston C. Williams, RBE  * 2016 Matthew M. Hughey
2004 John D Mitchell, RBE

*Deceased   **Resigned    RBE=Red Branch of ERI

For Official Information Contact:
Homer D Armagost, RBE, PSM, Secretary

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