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Ven.George Arnau
Sovereign Master 2015-16

Meeting Location
Jacksonville York Rite Temple
1237 S McDuff Ave, Jacksonville

Wilbur W. Masters, Jr. Council No. 322, of Allied Masonic Degrees elected and installed new officers for 2016
at its annual meeting in Jacksonville on November 11, 2015

Pictured here were the newly installed officers with other Brothers after the meeting.
Standing in the first row, from left to right, were Thomas A. Olsen, Secretary; Rudin "Rudy" Boatright, Sr Deacon; Wiley Hart, Sr. Warden; David Thomas, Jr. Deacon; and Steve Urban, Jr., Chaplain.
Seen in the second row, from left, were Corey Kosciuszko, PSM; and Kolen Sawyer, Tyler.
Seen in the last row, from left to right, were:
Corbin P. Elliott, PSM; Darryl A. D'Angina, MEPGHP, PSM, Treasurer; George Arnau, Sovereign Master; Jimmy Dorsey, Marshal;
C. Robert Cooper, R. Ex. Grand King GRACFL, PSM; and Danny R. Griffith, PHP, M. W. Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge, of Florida.
Not shown was Brian R. Poole, Jr. Warden of Wilbur W. Masters Jr., Council No. 322, A.M.D.
OFFICERS 2015-2016
Sovereign Master George
Senior Warden Wiley
Junior Warden Brian
Treasurer Darryl D'
Secretary Thomas A. Olsen 
ChaplainSteve Urban,
Senior Deacon Ridin "Rudy" Boatright
Junior Deacon David Thomas, Jr.  
MarshalJimmy Dorsey 
Tyler Kolen

For Official Information Contact:
Thomas "Tom" Olsen
1237 South McDuff Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32205
904-541-1602 Home, 904-389-0792 Office

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