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Herbert Y. Holcomb, III
Sovereign Master 2015-16

Stated Meetings
2nd Saturday, June and December
Oriental Room, Grand Lodge,
Cockeysville, MD

OFFICERS for 2015-2016
Sovereign Master Herbert Y. Holcomb, III
Senior Warden Henry McDonald
Junior Warden Thomas Velvin
Secretary Thomas Heimiller, PSM
TreasurerRichard Naegele, PSM
Living Past Sovereign Masters    
1999-2000 Howard Roe 2008-2009 William Eppig
2001-2002 Richard Seim 2009-2010 John Thomas
2002-2003 Richard Naegele 2010 - 2011 Jeffrey Dill
2004-2005 Thomas Heimiller 2011-2012 Randall Watson
2005-2006 W. Michael Boughman 2012-2013 Spyridon Treklas
2006-2007 Ronald Aughenbaugh 2013-2014 John Maclay
2007-2008 Frederick Spicer 2014-2015 Arthur Dickerson

Contact: Richard P. Naegele, P.S.M.
4210 Overton Ave., Baltimore, MD 21236-4010
410-665-5947 - email:

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