Fraternal Greetings
and WELCOME to
Our Official Home Page
Ven. Daniel Peirce
Sovereign Master 2015-2016

Paul Revere Council usually meets
three to four times a year during the months of
March, June, September, November.
Please feel free to contact the Secretary
to confirm dates and locations

OFFICERS for 2016-2017
Sovereign Master Robert Y. Chan
Senior WardenJeffry T. Ross
Junior WardenPeter A. Mooradian
TreasurerGeorge L. Herbolsheimer IV
Secretary Daniel R. Peirce

Past Sovereign Masters
2002 Robert A. Paixao 2010 Raymond S. Frenkel
2003 Michael S. Kaulback 2011 Charles N. Bagley
2004 Mark C. Mueller 2012 George L. Herbolsheimer IV
2005 Ektor H. Trubounis* 2013 George L. Herbolsheimer IV
2006 Ralph G.W. Lamy 2014 George L. Herbolsheimer IV
2007 A. Keith Piper* 2015 Thomas Placzek Jr.
2008 Robert D. Steel 2016 Daniel Peirce
2009 Dennis A. Sheridan * Deceased

For Official Information Contact:
Daniel R. Peirce, Secretary

Visitors since December 8, 2001 - UPDATED 110716
Maintained by RVB G.D."Dan" M.Pushee III, KGCRBE, Charter Member
Grand Superintendent, Florida,

Piture of Paul Revere as Grand Master
provided by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
ARTICLE, Paul Revere - Grand Master
by Sir Knight Dan Pushee
Knight Templar Magazine, February 2015, page 21

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