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Ven. Raymon W. Bacchus
Sovereign Master 2017 - 2018
George Washington Masonic National Memorial
101 Callahan Drive, Alexandria, Virginia 22301

Stated Meetings take place on the 5th Monday of any month having the same at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. We gather at 6:30pm in the Dining Hall to enjoy fellowship and a Bring Your Own Dinner. At 7:30pm we are called to order for our meeting after we assemble in the North Lodge Room. See you there!

L to R: Brothers Miller, Fisher & Pace, 2008

Herbert Arthur Fisher (HAFOVA) Council No. 442, AMD was constituted on August the 5th, 2006 in Alexandria Virginia by a group of Northern Virginia Masons looking to start a new Council. The Council is named in honor of Herbert Arthur Fisher who was a prominent Virginia Mason and a Past Sovereign Grand Master of the Grand Council Allied Masonic Degrees, USA. As a Council we are dedicated to performing Masonic research and presenting to the Council on such, in addition to maintaining the Degrees beholden to the Allied Masonic Degrees. HAFOVA Council specifically performs annually the Royal Arc Mariner Degree, keeping a cast, and exemplifying it on our newest Council members. We meet in the North Lodge Room (Red Room) of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial on the fifth Monday of the month.

For further information, please contact:
Kevin M. Homan, PSM - Secretary
Phone: 1 (703) 282-6873

OFFICERS for 2017-2018
Sovereign Master Raymon W. Bacchus
Senior Warden Jacob Bressman, PSM
Junior Warden Jeffrey L. Sparrow
Treasurer Donald L. McAndrews, PSM
Secretary Kevin M. Homan, PSM
Senior Deacon Robert J. Worthington
Junior Deacon Weldon J. Campbell
Chaplain James C. Landerkin
Tiler David L. Peters

Past Sovereign Masters
Year Name
2006 - 2007 Paul S. Newhall
2007 - 2008 James M. Stevenson
2008 - 2009 Robert M. Harrison
2009 - 2010 Richard K. Shrout
2010 - 2011 Douglas H. Wood
2011 - 2012 James W. Golladay Jr.
2012 - 2013 Franklin J. Pepper
2013 - 2014 Andrew U. Hammer
2014 - 2015 Pablo A. Rocha
2015 - 2016 Walter Benesch
2016 - 2017Kevin M. Homan

Emeritus Members
Franklin J. Pepper, PSM
James M. Stevenson, PSM

Honorary Members
Jeffery G. Burcham
William R. Miller
Paul S. Newhall
Thurman C. Pace

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