The Florida State AMD 2nd Annual Festival
was held in Leesburg, Florida on July 30, 2016
The Host Council was George H. Wolf No.387

Manasota AMD Council No. 305 team conferred the Architect Degree
with the new AMD Brother Mayfield.

Wilbur W. Masters Council No. 322, Jacksonville Team
conferred the Knight of Constantinople Degree.

Ven. Danny Meyer, Sovereign Master, Winter Haven - Paper on "DeMolay"

All Companions at the AMD Festival.

Grand Superintendent with Sovereign Masters Present
VB Fowler, 387; VB Meyer, 115; and VB Jacobson, 305

12 , Present and Past Sovereign Masters, received the Knight Commander Red Branch of Eri
Conferred by the Grand Superintendent

CLOSED @ 1200HRS TOTAL 30 Companions from 4 Florida AMD Councils
3 Presiding Sovereign Masters (4 Ladies Joined us for Lunch)
Great Work, Fellowship and Food
Thanks to "Great Effort" by: Dave Aponte, Carl Gilmore, and Fred Gerdom
Pictures by Corbin Elliott